Healthcare Security


Ensuring effective healthcare security that seamlessly integrates with your team is of paramount importance. Security within the healthcare sector requires specific skills and attributes. At Aforta Security, we maintain strict standards for our healthcare security personnel. They possess the necessary qualifications and qualities to ensure exceptional healthcare security:

  • Observation of Unusual Behavior: Our healthcare security personnel are trained to identify unusual behaviors and respond quickly to prevent escalations.

  • Emergency Management: They are trained to act decisively and efficiently during emergencies, ensuring the safety of both staff and patients.

  • Support for Medical Staff: Our healthcare security personnel provide valuable assistance in dealing with aggressive or unpredictable behavior, allowing medical staff to focus on their core responsibilities and maintain the trust between healthcare provider and patient.

  • Patrols and Surveillance: They conduct regular patrols and monitor for potential risks or suspicious activities to ensure a secure environment. Our healthcare security personnel can also perform fire and closing rounds for wings of your facility that are inaccessible to visitors or clients after office hours.

  • Hospitality and Respect: Our healthcare security personnel approach patients, visitors, and staff with kindness and respect, creating a welcoming environment where people feel safe and at ease.

We understand the unique demands of healthcare security and have tailored our personnel's training and skills to meet those demands effectively. Your safety and the safety of those under your care are our top priorities.