Training & Development

At Aforta Security, we believe in continuous training and development to ensure that our team is always up to date with the latest security trends and techniques. We invest in the growth of our employees through courses, workshops, and certification programs.

First Aid (EHBO)

Aforta Security ensures that its employees are trained in first aid to be able to respond timely and effectively in emergency situations.

Company Emergency Response BHV

Our employees are trained in company emergency response to quickly and adequately respond to incidents such as fires, accidents, or other emergencies.


We protect our clients' digital assets with customized cybersecurity solutions to prevent data breaches and ensure business continuity.

Communication Training

Our security personnel are trained in effective communication to interact professionally and efficiently with clients, colleagues, and emergency services.

Legislation Workshops

Aforta Security offers workshops on relevant laws and regulations in the security sector to ensure that our employees are always up to date with the latest developments.


We value ethical conduct and integrity within our company and ensure that our employees are familiar with and act in accordance with our ethical guidelines.

Risk Assessment 

Our experts perform risk assessments to identify security risks for our clients and implement appropriate security measures.

Safety Planning and Security Technology

Aforta Security develops detailed safety plans and utilizes advanced security technology to ensure a secure environment for our clients.

Sports Events, Escape Rooms, Cooking Workshops, Sports Events

provide security services for various events such as sports events, escape rooms, and cooking workshops to ensure the safety of participants and visitors.


Security Equipment, Reporting Procedures, and Cybersecurity: Our webinars cover topics such as security equipment, reporting procedures, and cybersecurity to inform and train our clients and employees in the field of safety and security.

Airsoft Training

Aforta Security offers airsoft training to enhance the skills and teamwork of our security personnel in realistic and challenging scenarios.

Shooting Range

Our employees receive training at the shooting range to improve their shooting skills, contributing to their overall professionalism and effectiveness as security personnel.